Raptor Trading Group
ad A successful trader with nearly 20 years of Exchange floor and screen trading experience founded Raptor Trading Group. At RTG, we will strive to become a leading proprietary trading firm by combining the best and brightest traders with those who possess exceptional technological prowess. RTG's diversity is its strength.

The world financial markets are becoming faster, more complex, and more automated everyday. In these changing times we see opportunity. Our team is passionate about taking advantage of the opportunities occurring around the world as exchanges continue to modernize and more products are traded electronically.

RTG's environment fosters ingenuity, piques curiosity, encourages growth and cultivates employees to reach their greatest potential. Our corporate structure is flat and direct - allowing the free flow of ideas and solutions promoting solidarity and teamwork within the workplace. We recognize that our success depends on sharing knowledge across departments and cohesively developing and implementing strategies to capitalize on new and changing markets. RTG promotes the open exchange of ideas and rewards effective solutions and accomplishments.

At the same time, Raptor Trading is a strongly self-motivated community in which competitive, confident individuals thrive. Employees have the chance to make a relatively large impact within a small company, and new hires often assume a large amount of responsibility.

Rewards and responsibilities come from working effectively in a team, developing new ideas and insights, acting effectively under pressure, serving as a leader and mentor, and producing winning results.